Monday, March 31, 2008

The Smart Car

I saw this car while in Vegas. My roommate had told me about them some but this was the first I had seen of them. I think it is a nice looking car and takes a step in the right direction for better fuel efficiency and safety. Some FAQ stuff can be found here. FAQ

Friday, March 28, 2008

Vegas Trip Part 3 - The Last Part

My father, my buddy Jym, and I went to the Bodies Exhibit at the Tropicana. For those that haven't heard of it here is a little quote from their site.
"These Exhibitions--which feature actual human specimens--allow people of all ages access to sights and knowledge normally reserved only for medical professionals. Take the opportunity to peer inside yourself, to better understand how your elaborate and fascinating body works, and how you can become a more informed participant in your own health care." -

It was very interesting and I learned a lot. Almost a sensory overload.

We had dinner in the Rain Forest Cafe and saw the Lion Den. We were a little wore out from a lot of walking and stuff, but it was good food.

After dinner we went and saw "Ka", oh my goodness what a fantastic show. This show was very good from performances to costumes and the stage was a character in it self. The stage had moving platforms and they moved in all kinds of different angles letting the performers do all kinds of crazy things. This show was well worth the ticket price.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Vegas Trip Part 2

Saturday morning we went to the Mirage and had some brunch. They had many foods to choose from and they were all tastey. I started off with some breakfast. I had an omelet, pancakes, and pizza. Then moved into lunch with some crab legs, chinese, and prime rib.

We then did some walking. I mean a lot of walking along the strip. One stop we made was to the Coke store. Their we saw all the many coke products as well as try Coke drinks from all the world. Some of those were good and some were not so yummy. I loved the coke icee.

Another stop we made was to the M & M store. Four floors of M & M stuff. We saw a little 3D movie. It was ok. Kids might find it more entertaining. It looked like they tried to be a startours kind of thing.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Vegas Trip Part 1

So this last weekend I went down to Las Vegas with some friends and met my parents down there as well. We stayed in old downtown Vegas. In a hotel called the Plaza. I don't recommend it at all. Unless you are looking for cheap and don't care about your room or service much. To say the least this hotel has been marked off my list. The first night we went and checked out Fremont Street. It has a lot of old time casinos and what not. There were a lot of performers and vendors.

One of the performing acts that I thought was kind of cool was the Thunder dome. It was a dome where guys rode motorcycles around in. It was cool to see them go spinning around in the dome, but the most impressive part was when all 3 of them rode in the dome at the same time. I thought to my self I bet that took a lot of practice and a mistake would hurt.

Along the whole Fremont street the was an LED roof. The was millions of LEDs. They had a show on it every once in a while. That was quite impressive.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

I want to try this.

So I found this how to video for making a glow stick out of mountain dew. It looked cool and I almost wanted to try it out until I found out it is a fake. You can check out what I was looking at here:

Monday, March 03, 2008

Polaroid your picture!

So today I came across this fun little site that converts a picture to a polaroid version. Above is the result. If you would like to play with it you can at