Friday, April 10, 2009

Somewhat Busy Good Friday

Well since I had the day off today I decided to sleep in. Staying up late helped that. But I didn't intend to sleep in till 11am. By the time I got up and ready it was almost noon. So I had a little shopping to do as my twin nephew's birthday is next week. So since Kmart was close I decided to look there. Boy was that a mistake and a waste of time. I am always amazed that Kmart is able to survive. So I decided to travel a little farther. I ended up going to the Springville Wal-mart. While on the way on the Freeway there was construction and the off-ramp was packed, so much that I didn't get in line fast enough and ended up going to Spanish fork and back. Though I almost think that was faster than getting in that off-ramp line. Anyway I got my shopping done and head to the UPS store in Provo to ship my nephew's gifts as well as a computer for my parents. Next on my list was to go work on a new computer and get it ready for use at my church building. Got it to a good point, have to do some more with Church tech support but can't do that till next week.

During all this I went and saw Monsters vs Aliens. I thought it was fun and entertaining. They story was fun and not to crazy. Though i had fun with it, it probably isn't one that i would buy for re-watchability.

To close the night I just took it easy and watched some TV. Watched the season finale of Terminator. I am a little bummed as it seems it may be the series Finale. I hope not but who knows it is Fox.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Maybe Tomorrow

Just a quick note. I have been busy and have neglected to post here. I have tomorrow off so maybe I can come up with a few things.