Friday, May 19, 2006

Monday, May 15, 2006


Ok so I am a lazy bum. I know worst. Anyway I got back from my trip to Cally and it is nice to be back. I had a good time visiting and helping my folks out. I also got to visit my companies corparate office for the first time in 7 years that I have worked for them. The office was really nice. I was jealous slightly. But I dont think I would want tto work in california. And I am not sure if I would like being stuck in a cubicle.

I got to eat out a couple times with the folks and the was yummy. Found something at Macoroni Grill that I liked. Twice baked lasfana with meatballs. It was very yummy and I couldnt even eat it all. Then one breakfast went to Mimi's Cafe and that was really good.

Oh and last but not least my parent's taught a scrapbooking vlass so I joined in. The picture was the cover of my scrapbook creation. It was fun but I don't see my self doing that often or again soon.