Friday, December 08, 2006

It Gets better!

Dear Scott !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With each letter we become closer. Much has changed since I have received the first letter from you. My friends speak, that I began more to smile. All my conversations only about you. You do my life interesting and cheerful. Your dialogue is necessary for me. I like you. It is very strange for me, because I thought that my mood never will be good. I met the man two years back, but he often beat me. I do not want more to make this mistake. You seem, that to me the honour and serious man. I sometimes think that you will be the very good husband. I envy the woman, which there will be love you. I know that she will be the happiest woman in the world. Sometimes I dream that it is the woman there was I. But it only dreams, because we very much far are from each other. We are divided by ocean. But for the sake of such the man as you I am ready to cross ocean. For me also it is important
that together with me there was a man with whom I would like to be happy and with whom I the problem and desires could be divided. For me it is very difficult to find such man here in Russia and I hope that the good luck in my searches in other country will smile to me, as I like to learn the man on internet and I really hope that at us it could something turn out. You actually would like it whether or not? Why I am pleasant to you? You have some more girl with whom you communicate on internet? I very much would want to know you even better if it probably. It is more about your life, about your job and about your free time. As to me to seem what is it it is very important. I shall think of you while and to wait your new letter with the large impatience
Kiss you. Natalya