Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Gary and the boat to another world

My reply to the last email from Nat from Russia.

Hey Nat,

Sorry it has taken so long for me to write back. I had a hard time getting to a computer to do email. One thing that was nice, on the way here I found a two dollar bill. So I stopped by McDonald's and got a McGriddle and hot chocolate. It is interesting that you say that our dialogue is developing into a friendship. I met a new friend that our friendship developed from our dialogue. His name is Gary. He has lived on the streets off and on. He had some crazy stories as well. One time when his was in the Marines back in the day, his helicopter was shot down and he had to hide to save his live. Then more troops where sent in to save him but the local rebels made it dificult for them to get out of the city safely. Luckily only a few people were hurt and they were able to get out and home to safety. Yeah that Gary is an amazing guy.
Today I heard about a ship that is headed to Russia and it made me think of you. I thought I could sneak onto the boat and come visit you and live in the streets. What part of Russia do you live in. Should I come for a visit? Well I hope you have a good day and I hope to hear from you again. -Scott

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

And the saga continues...

Hi Scott !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was glad to receive your letter. I very much like read yourletters. With each new your letter I see that our dialogue developsinto friendship. I very much would want that our friendship proceeded.I can not believe, that the man so remarkable as, which you ever havewritten to me, but I Very happy, that you did. I really hope, that wecan continue to write to each other. I like communicate with you. Youseem to me the honour and frank man. I think, that completely I cantrust you. I like, when the people are frank to me. I hate a deceit. And I think, that the people can not make happiness on lie. I think,that you think so also. I think, that main in the man - beauty ofsoul, private condition. If you like, and you like, not thishappiness. But not all the day is borrowed with job, I have alwaystime to have rest, to read some book. I to read love of the book. Youlike to read and what you read now???On a photo my girlfriend. I shall wait your letter.

She actually sent me a picture supposedly that is her girlfriend. Ok I need help in my next reply. What kinds of things should I ask or say?

My Reply to Natalya

Hello Natalya,
Sorry to hear about your fire. Kids shouldn't play with matches. I am doing ok. So I thought I would send you this internet. Things are crazy, losing all my money. It is hard to live on so little. Though you probably understand. I went to Las Vegas and put all my money on red and it landed on balck. So I lost everything. I barely had enough gas to get home. Well now I too live on the streets untill I can save enough funds to buy a sleeping bag. I do enjoy the food shelters, they provide some warm food. And the people on the streets are friendly. I met a guy named toothless Tom the other day. He had some interesting stories to tell. The one where he got beat up and thrown from a train with his mother, was crazy to hear about. Then there was this time when Tom found a ring and all the other homeless people were trying to fight him for it. He ended having to sneak through the streets and finally sale it at a pawn shop. He really liked that ring though. He said it had magic powers, but I am not sure I beleive that. Well my time is nearly up here at the internet place. I hope you are doing well. Send me an internet when you get a chance. Say Hi to your girlfriend too. Can you send her picture too? Talk to you again soon. -Scott

So I was trying to be funny and make stuff up to see what kind of response I got. It shall be interesting to see what happens.

They're back!!!! They just cant get enough.

Dear my !!!! How are you??? So it is a pity that I did not write to you such long time. Unfortunately I in an apartment had fire and I have lost all. It so awfully to see as your house burns. I very much experienced. I had time to take only documents. Now I live at my
girlfriend. I long could not find your address and recently I have seen that in the documents on a sheet the address was written. When I have understood what is it your address at me of tear have appeared on eyes. I have understood that I have not lost you. I very much cried, I very much was nervous. I thought that you will forget me. I very much ask you answer to me. I hope that you me have not forgotten also we shall support again our dialogue. I believe you and I hope that you will understand me. For me it there was a strong impact. I have remained in the street and now my girlfriend to me to help.I hope that you will write to me. Please forgive me I very much worry. I wait for your answer.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Jim Gaffigan

So I got to go see Jim Gaffigan at Kingsbury hall on Saturday night. It was great fun. He is so funny. I had a date lined up but that fell through so I had 2 seats to myself. Some other friends came as well and we all had a great time. He told some new jokes as well as some classics. If you havent heard of him look him up on itunes he is a hoot.