Friday, September 25, 2009

Roy Grimroid

A video that a bunch of Multimedia classmates did for a friend. I was lucky enough to particapate in.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A chat I had today with a friend.

Kevin: I dreamed last night that I found out you were a murderer and since I knew you I was given a gun by the authorities to kill you with.

Scott: lol, bring it
we can have a shoot out

Kevin: I shot you twice but it didn't seem to do anything and you went over to your computer and put on facebook that you had been shot twice.

Scott: that's funny

Kevin: I then shot you four more times (I only had 6 shots) and you shot me twice. The bullets didn't actually go in all they way. They were like cartoon bullets.
Weird stuff

Scott: indeed

Kevin: I went on to other dreams but I always had those two bullets sticking out of me for the rest of the time.

Scott: to funny. did you eat something or watching domething werid before bed?

Kevin: I had some chinese food.
Maybe that was it.

Scott: must have had MSG

Kevin: =)