Friday, March 31, 2006

The Russians are Attacking!

Ok so I signed up on and now all of a sudden I am getting emails from Russian Girls looking for Love. It is quite entertaing. They setup an account of the site with brief info. Then it looks like they search out a person and send a message and ask you to email them on there regular email rather than the site system. One I had messaged back because she had filled out that she was in the states but I knew something wasnt right, but thought it would be fun to see what she would say. Here is her letter:

Hello my dear Scott !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How are you? My complete name is Natalya, my brief name Natasha,
But it is pleasant more to me when me name Natalya.
I am pleased to receive your e-mail, I think, my letter to you too do not remain
without the answer. I was very much interested with your profile.
I want to tell to you that I have no computer at home.
I attend Internet - cafe, therefore I cannot answer at once your letters.
First of all, I should explain, that I live in Russia in city Cheboksary.
You know, I never was in your country. I think, that it is the beautiful country with
good traditions. I very much like to travel. When I was small, we travelled with
my parents on Russia much. And how about you?
I hope, that you are not so sad that I live in Russia.
But I want to be with you honest at once and that is why I tell you that I am from Russia.
My profile shows that I am in the USA, but I never made it earlier,
I do it for the first time, probably I have made something incorrectly.
I have decided to place my profile in Internet because I want to find the special person.
I am very lonely here in Russia. I have no my unique and favourite person, because
I do not like mentality of Russian men. I heard, many Russian girls, have found the
happiness and the love in your country. And I too have decided to try.
My girlfriend has found the husband in Internet. He is from Germany, they have found
each other and now they are happy together and they live in Berlin.
I also want to be happy with my special person. I want to love and I want to find the
person, which will love me. I want to be happy and to find the love.

Now there is some information on me also that I like:

- I am a christian
- I do not have children and I have never been married.
- I love red roses
- My favourite color is dark blue
- My favourite music is Classical
- I love animals (everything, without exception)
- I very much like to prepare (my favourite dish is an apple pie)
- I like to read books (Bulgakov, Nabokov)
- I like automobiles, but I have no the personal automobile.
- I love silent lonely places
- I like to go to cinema, I look different films, but especially I like comedies and melodramas.
- I do not smoke and drink socially
- I have no any tatoos or pircing
You excuse me if, my letter has turned out big. But I hope, you have not got tired to read it!
By the way, I have economic education.
I work in small firm as the economist, I watch a financial system of firm,
I like my job.

I would like to learn more about you. What do you like and what you do not like?
That there are your favourite things, your favourite color and everething.
I hope, that my letter is not boring for you.
Unfortunately it is time to me to go, already is very much late.

Your new friend from Russia Natalya.

Email 2
Ok so I got email 1 yesterday. Today I got another email from yet another Russian Girl looking for love. Enjoy this email as well:

Hello !!!!
I to become interested in your profile on
and to decide to write to you. I live in
Russia. When I to make the structure that I may not specify that I
live in Russia. To me I was very a pity but to not know why so it has
turned out. To me of 28 years. I never was married. I the soft and
gentle girl, like when in the house warmly and cosy. I believe in the
God and in the soul. I love walks on nature, I adore fresh whiff of a
wind, tender beams of the gentle sun. I am looking for a serious
relationship leading to marriage and I am not interested just in a
internet chat or adventure. I am interested only in how the man
hisself is and not what he has. If you have become interested in me

please write on this e-mail:

If you to answer me on my e-mail i shall write in more detail about
myself and I shall send you the photo.
I very much to hope for your fast answer.
With hope Nadezhda.


Maybe I will write to see if she sends me the smae picture as the other girl. I guess I am going to have to write in my description: NO FREE RIDES TO AMERICA, SORRY WONT HELP YOU GET YOUR GREEN CARD.

Anyway I thought it quite humorous that all of a sudden I am a hot commodity among the Russian Ladies. Lucky me.

Monday, March 13, 2006

I wish I skipped this weekend.

So where do I start? So most all of last week I was dealing with headaches, so I decided to see the doctor and scheduled an appointment for Monday. Ok so came Saturday, which started off with a phone call from the Stake executive Secutary. He called me in to see the stake president on Sunday. So then the rest of Saturday I tired to take it easy and stay off the computer to see if that helped my headaches. So comes Sunday. Went to church and that was all good. Went home and waited for my dreaded appointment with the stake president. My first impression was that they were going to kick me out of the ward because of my age. My roommate then suggested that it was most likely a stake calling and that someone in our ward was leaving and needed to be replaced. So anyway the only thing I was thinking was please don't let it be the elder's quorum. So around comes 4:30 my appointment time, I got to the office and there was several other people waiting. I didn't get in to see the stake president until 5:30. So I do finally see him and it was my first impression. He basically told me that I should pray about where I should be. A nice way of kicking me out of the ward. So next week I will head over to the family ward.
Ok so comes Monday. I went and saw the doctor this morning and found out I have high blood pressure. He believes this has been the cause of my headaches. So I got some medicine and get to go back on Wednesday to check my blood pressure and get my cholesterol checked. So as you can see what a crazy weekend.

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Utah Blaze

I went to my first Arena football game. It was quite interesting. Arena Football You can check out their rules and different ways of play on their site. To say the least it was fast paced.