Saturday, December 22, 2007

Re-living the past.

So I came up to Rexburg to visit family this weekend. I came up with some friends who I went to School with here at Ricks, I mean BYU-Idaho. Anyway Today I went to dinner with these friends and my Parents. We went to Big Judd's. I had only been there once before, 11 or so years ago. Anyway as you can see in the picture why they call it Big Judd's. They have a challenge where if you eat the special you get your picture on the wall. you have to eat a crazy amount of food. And having your face on the wall for overeating probably is a little silly. :) Oh wait I am silly. Anyway I was only able to eat the burger. And boy was that enough.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Root Canal Fun!

Well I have had and interesting couple weeks. Last week I had a really bad sore tooth and had to have a root canal. Oh it feels so much better. Today I had a filling put on it to finish that ordeal. And to top it off today I have being feeling a little sick in the stomach. I am feeling a lot better now but the this morning wasn't fun.

It has also snowed and rained quite a bit here in the Utah Valley. It sure has gotten colder. It was Saturday that i got to do a little snowball throwing action and that was fun. I also go to see a few movies. I saw Fred Claus with my parents. It was a decent Christmas movie with the feel good ending. I also saw MR. MAGORIUM'S WONDER EMPORIUM with my parents. That was a fun magical story. It had a sad part, but ended on a happy note. I thought it was really good for a rated G Movie.

I went last week with some really good friends and Saw the Golden Compass and Dan in Real Life. Ok first the Golden Compass would have been better had I not read the book. I really enjoyed the book. The movie changed a lot of stuff from the way the book did it. I understand they have to be able to fit a lot of stuff in a short time for a movie but readjusting the ways things happened and leaving out things was just a bummer for me. The polar bears were really cool though. Dan in Real Life was a really good movie. It stars Steve Carrel, the guy from the office and Evan Almighty. Anyway he is a widower raising his 3 daughters and meets a woman. He later finds out she is dating his brother. So craziness ensues. This movie is funny, though the funny doesn't over do it. Anyway I recommend this movie.

This weekend I hope to see I Am Legend, the new Will Smith movie. This movie intrigues me and I am excited to see if it is a good story.