Friday, December 08, 2006

It Gets better!

Dear Scott !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With each letter we become closer. Much has changed since I have received the first letter from you. My friends speak, that I began more to smile. All my conversations only about you. You do my life interesting and cheerful. Your dialogue is necessary for me. I like you. It is very strange for me, because I thought that my mood never will be good. I met the man two years back, but he often beat me. I do not want more to make this mistake. You seem, that to me the honour and serious man. I sometimes think that you will be the very good husband. I envy the woman, which there will be love you. I know that she will be the happiest woman in the world. Sometimes I dream that it is the woman there was I. But it only dreams, because we very much far are from each other. We are divided by ocean. But for the sake of such the man as you I am ready to cross ocean. For me also it is important
that together with me there was a man with whom I would like to be happy and with whom I the problem and desires could be divided. For me it is very difficult to find such man here in Russia and I hope that the good luck in my searches in other country will smile to me, as I like to learn the man on internet and I really hope that at us it could something turn out. You actually would like it whether or not? Why I am pleasant to you? You have some more girl with whom you communicate on internet? I very much would want to know you even better if it probably. It is more about your life, about your job and about your free time. As to me to seem what is it it is very important. I shall think of you while and to wait your new letter with the large impatience
Kiss you. Natalya

Friday, November 17, 2006

She replies once again.

Dear Scott !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Large thanks for your new message for me, as you already to know that for me always it it is very interesting. I wanted to say to you one important thing. Concerning that that I to think concerning the relations in general. I to try find the man with whom I could to connect the future to the help Internet. At first I do not think what is it good idea, as the girlfriend to speak me what is it really. I to try to do it and to meet there you. To me to seem what is it it is very fascinating so to communicate with the man. Today I to think what for I to communicate with you and what for to me our acquaintance is necessary. All this is made to find for itself the husband. I thought above that all what is it would be wonderful if at me to turn out. Now after all these reflections at me to appear to you a question, whether on the business you so seriously to concern to me? What you to search, you to have the same desire as well as I? I to ask you it only because to me the friend and I to try is not necessary simply find the man with whom I could be is happy. You want it also whether or not? If yes, I shall think further of our relations and to do all that we could get acquainted as it is possible closer, as it really is interesting to me and I think what is it could to give the results in the future. You to understand about what I to speak you? It is interesting to me to know more concerning your life. That it is pleasant to you and what you to not like? I think that everyone, even the triviality will be interesting to me. If to you will be not so difficultly I would like that you to tell to me about your last love? Please with me be honour, as it is very important for me. I shall give also you all letters from all my heart. I shall think of you and with the large impatience to wait your new letter. Your Natalya.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My newest reply to Russia

Dear Natalya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for your letter it brings me much joy. I tell my friends about your letters and they are amazed. So how have you been? I have been ok. I got a job as a janitor for a small company. It helps my aching stomach, so now I not strave. I also found a place to live. The place I live is a two floor cardboard box mansion. It is really nice except for when it rains. There are many leaks. It is suppose to snow soon so hopefully that will plug the holes.
So what do you do for work? I bet you have a great job. Well I better get back to cleaning. I hope to hear from you soon. Bye for now.

-Wave you, Scott

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's Peanut Butter Federline!!!

So sad it is all over for Kevin and Brittney.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Wired for Science

Well last night I went in for a sleep lab. Probably one of the most annoy experiances I have ever gone through. At one time I had to wear a mask for breathing and I felt like Anakin Skywalker going to the darkside. Anyway all the wires, mask and noises made it hard to sleep. I think I slept maybe 30 minutes, atleast that is what it felt like.

So today is friday and I had to get me a Diet Dr. Pepper to hopefully help me stay awake. So anyway it will be nice to sleep in my own bed tonight.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thrown to her Boyfriend

Dear Scott !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for your letter. Today to me there came the parents, I for a long time did not see them and was very glad to see them. Because I did not see them about one month. I talked to much to parents and I have told by him about you. It was interesting to them to hear about you. You have liked them. They pass you hi and wish happiness. I am very happy that the so remarkable man began to write to me. I really hope, that we can continue to write to each other. My parents are grateful to you for that that you make me happy. They for a long time did not see a smile on my person, because after I was thrown with my boyfriend. Though two years I already have passed I can not forget his bad act. He often of saws alcohol also beat me. I was afraid of him
and long whom informed it. I any more do not want to make a mistake, now I cautiously treat the men. You seem to me a current the man to which you could entrust. You made in life any mistakes??? Tell to me how you treat to the women??? Told me as though you behaved at meeting with the girl, which you know many time, but not when did not see? Are You romantick man??? I want to know more about you, because we become seems with each day to me all closer and I do not understand why but I miss you. I need in yours dialogue. I wait for your following letter with impatience.
Kiss you. Natalya

So here is my dilemma, how do you get these girls off there formula emails? I am trying to get a response to my emails but she or he just sticks to the formula. This step is my favorite part where there last relationship was abusive. Hmm what to write next. And what movie shall I use now?

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Gary and the boat to another world

My reply to the last email from Nat from Russia.

Hey Nat,

Sorry it has taken so long for me to write back. I had a hard time getting to a computer to do email. One thing that was nice, on the way here I found a two dollar bill. So I stopped by McDonald's and got a McGriddle and hot chocolate. It is interesting that you say that our dialogue is developing into a friendship. I met a new friend that our friendship developed from our dialogue. His name is Gary. He has lived on the streets off and on. He had some crazy stories as well. One time when his was in the Marines back in the day, his helicopter was shot down and he had to hide to save his live. Then more troops where sent in to save him but the local rebels made it dificult for them to get out of the city safely. Luckily only a few people were hurt and they were able to get out and home to safety. Yeah that Gary is an amazing guy.
Today I heard about a ship that is headed to Russia and it made me think of you. I thought I could sneak onto the boat and come visit you and live in the streets. What part of Russia do you live in. Should I come for a visit? Well I hope you have a good day and I hope to hear from you again. -Scott

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

And the saga continues...

Hi Scott !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was glad to receive your letter. I very much like read yourletters. With each new your letter I see that our dialogue developsinto friendship. I very much would want that our friendship proceeded.I can not believe, that the man so remarkable as, which you ever havewritten to me, but I Very happy, that you did. I really hope, that wecan continue to write to each other. I like communicate with you. Youseem to me the honour and frank man. I think, that completely I cantrust you. I like, when the people are frank to me. I hate a deceit. And I think, that the people can not make happiness on lie. I think,that you think so also. I think, that main in the man - beauty ofsoul, private condition. If you like, and you like, not thishappiness. But not all the day is borrowed with job, I have alwaystime to have rest, to read some book. I to read love of the book. Youlike to read and what you read now???On a photo my girlfriend. I shall wait your letter.

She actually sent me a picture supposedly that is her girlfriend. Ok I need help in my next reply. What kinds of things should I ask or say?

My Reply to Natalya

Hello Natalya,
Sorry to hear about your fire. Kids shouldn't play with matches. I am doing ok. So I thought I would send you this internet. Things are crazy, losing all my money. It is hard to live on so little. Though you probably understand. I went to Las Vegas and put all my money on red and it landed on balck. So I lost everything. I barely had enough gas to get home. Well now I too live on the streets untill I can save enough funds to buy a sleeping bag. I do enjoy the food shelters, they provide some warm food. And the people on the streets are friendly. I met a guy named toothless Tom the other day. He had some interesting stories to tell. The one where he got beat up and thrown from a train with his mother, was crazy to hear about. Then there was this time when Tom found a ring and all the other homeless people were trying to fight him for it. He ended having to sneak through the streets and finally sale it at a pawn shop. He really liked that ring though. He said it had magic powers, but I am not sure I beleive that. Well my time is nearly up here at the internet place. I hope you are doing well. Send me an internet when you get a chance. Say Hi to your girlfriend too. Can you send her picture too? Talk to you again soon. -Scott

So I was trying to be funny and make stuff up to see what kind of response I got. It shall be interesting to see what happens.

They're back!!!! They just cant get enough.

Dear my !!!! How are you??? So it is a pity that I did not write to you such long time. Unfortunately I in an apartment had fire and I have lost all. It so awfully to see as your house burns. I very much experienced. I had time to take only documents. Now I live at my
girlfriend. I long could not find your address and recently I have seen that in the documents on a sheet the address was written. When I have understood what is it your address at me of tear have appeared on eyes. I have understood that I have not lost you. I very much cried, I very much was nervous. I thought that you will forget me. I very much ask you answer to me. I hope that you me have not forgotten also we shall support again our dialogue. I believe you and I hope that you will understand me. For me it there was a strong impact. I have remained in the street and now my girlfriend to me to help.I hope that you will write to me. Please forgive me I very much worry. I wait for your answer.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Jim Gaffigan

So I got to go see Jim Gaffigan at Kingsbury hall on Saturday night. It was great fun. He is so funny. I had a date lined up but that fell through so I had 2 seats to myself. Some other friends came as well and we all had a great time. He told some new jokes as well as some classics. If you havent heard of him look him up on itunes he is a hoot.

Friday, September 22, 2006

My Oxygen machine

This thing is noisy. I had to move it acroos the room and strecth the hose so I didnt have to hear it. Anyway I got this because my oxygen levels are to low while I sleep. So this is suppose to help them get back up. I will be doing a sleep Lab to work out my sleeping issues. Mostly I will need to lose some weight which I knew of course. So tomorrow I will be starting a workout routine.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Love Sac Limo Forsale

I saw this when I went to a doctor's appointment. Since Lovesac went bankrupt guess they had to sell their fancy limo.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Lunch in the Uintas

The office decided to have lunch in the mountains today. It was nice to get out. I had never been to Squaw Peak. It was a little hazy out but still nice.

Monday, September 11, 2006

A search engine where you can win.

Well I had a friend send this so I am trying it out. My friend has won itunes gift certificates just for searching so hey what can you lose nothing. If you want to give it a try use this link.Blingo

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A New Hope

Well no need to search for a new place to live. The people buying the townhouse I live in are going to continue to rent it to us. The new owners are really cool. Well soon to be new owners, it isn't quite finalized yet. So yippie no moving for me.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Place for Rent?

Hey everybody, I have got a request. The place I currently live is up for sale, so most likely I will have to move. So I am looking for a new place to rent. So if you see or hear on anything nice let me know. Thanks

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Jim Gaffigan

Got my Tickets to go see Jim Gaffigan at the Kingsbury Hall in SLC. Jim is perhaps my favorite comedian. So come September 30th I get some entertainment.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Just when you thought you mastered it.

Ok so I have been tying my shoes for over 28 years and just when I thought I knew how to tie my shoes I find this site. I actually want to try some of these different ways to tie my shoes. check it out here: Tie your Shoes!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Shake & Bake

Went and saw Ricky Bobby with Jared and then saw The lady in the water with Tony and Jared. Got a great picture of Tony and Ricky Bobby.

I will put up a review of the movies on Cinema Critics.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Rexburg Temple

This was the last thing I visited before leaving to come home back to Utah. It looks like it is coming together well. It is on the top of the hill, which I think is a great place for it. There are a few apartmetn complexes below it that I had once lived in and they were the top of the hill. It was a nasty walk in the winter. But now they seem to be right next to campus. You can see a cool webcam here of the temple.Temple Cam

BYU Idaho / Ricks

So I drove around my old junior college campus to see that it has changed a lot. It would have been nice to take a walk around campus but it was the weekened and I was wearing shorts. And they have that no shorts rule still, I beleive. Anyway it was fun to visit my family and see the old school.

Another Address

Just for the 411 you can get to this site using Might be a little easier to remember than the other. I have some pictures of my trip to Rexburg i am trying to get up so hopefully those will be on later.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Them bushes are spelling.

Well I walked out of the door this morning with my hands full but no car keys. And my roomates had already left. So I decided to walk to work. It was a nice walk and I found out how much I was out of shape. Looks like I will be taking a lot more walks soon. Anyway as I walked by the Utah County building I noticed the bushes could spell. Crazy Bushes!

Monday, July 10, 2006


So here at the office we upgraded our monitors. Within the last week I went from a big 17" CRT to a huge 19" CRT to my new 19" LCD. And I am very happy with it. It takes up less space and it looks great. Eventually I will be getting another one to have dual screen monitors which will be nice and help with programing and make things a little easier.

If you are interested you can check this monitor out at PC Connections the model number is HC194D. We got a good deal on it. After rebate it was $120.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy 3rd of July

People are already out staking there claim on front row parade routes in downtown Provo. I remember one year camping out with some friends on the street to watch the parade. It was fun to hang out but I don't know if I would do it again. Not the greatest sleeping conditions. Cars driving by, lights everywhere, if it wasn't for the company I probably would have gone home.

The parade was fun to watch and it was one of those yeah I did that experiences. This year going to watch the parade in someone's yard that a friend I knows. It will be a lot easy then camping out.

Monday, June 26, 2006

June 26th, 1973

Many years ago today I was born a wee lad. Now not so little and hopefully a little wiser. Happy Birthday to me!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Instructions in Life

I went for a walk several days ago and came to the crosswalk where I saw these instructions. I actually took the time to read them as for some reason it entertained me. I was wondering if was really nessacasrry to have those instructions. But then I thought it probably is. There are a lot of people out there that don't know how to properly cross the street. Good thing we have instructions onto he pole for them to read.

I was thing a video screen with something to watch would be more fun while you wait to cross the street, but then maybe I wouldn't want tot stop watching and I would miss my light and have to wait again. As you can see crossing the street can be difficult.

I was wondering if there other things in life that it would be helpful to have instructions posted to help those that need it. I sure hope not. In case you forgot how to cross the street or don't understand those newer crosswalk light review the picture. There will be a test later.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Monday, May 15, 2006


Ok so I am a lazy bum. I know worst. Anyway I got back from my trip to Cally and it is nice to be back. I had a good time visiting and helping my folks out. I also got to visit my companies corparate office for the first time in 7 years that I have worked for them. The office was really nice. I was jealous slightly. But I dont think I would want tto work in california. And I am not sure if I would like being stuck in a cubicle.

I got to eat out a couple times with the folks and the was yummy. Found something at Macoroni Grill that I liked. Twice baked lasfana with meatballs. It was very yummy and I couldnt even eat it all. Then one breakfast went to Mimi's Cafe and that was really good.

Oh and last but not least my parent's taught a scrapbooking vlass so I joined in. The picture was the cover of my scrapbook creation. It was fun but I don't see my self doing that often or again soon.

Monday, April 03, 2006

The Ream's Turtle no longer. This is the spot on Freedom where the big round mess of a Ream's store was. They finally tore it down. I actually lik ethe new ream's store that replaced food 4 less. Quite the improvement over the last.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Part 2 of Russians

Ok so I thought it would be interesting to ask second email for picture. So I did jsut that asked for her to send picture and that was it. But this is what I got:

Hello Scott,
I am glad to receive your letter.
And it is very good.
My name Nadezhda (or it is simply Nadya).
I at all do not know what to write to you now. Simply, I already had attempt to get acquainted with one man.
And you imagine? I have sent him the similar letter which I want to write to you, but he has named me the deceiver???????? (Smile)
I was simply surprised. Why I the deceiver?
Today, I have found out from the manager of Internet - cafe about it.
And he has informed, that the Internet has a lot of deceit.
They are inhabitants of Africa and inhabitants of Russia. (I have not understood)
But he has explained, that many women deceive men, speaking words of love.
Horror. If it is inhabitants of Russia it is a shame for my country. And I have shame because of these deceivers from Russia.
All right, I think, that you would not like to listen about a deceit.
Therefore I shall speak more about me.
Certainly, I think, that you can not answer my letter. Probably, you will not like my photo.
Probably, you simply will overlook, that I have written to you. (Smile)
But I shall have hope, that you will answer me. I shall wait for your letter.
But if I began, I shall write in this letter a little about me.
Also I shall send one of my photos.
I was born June, 08, 1977. And i have 28 years.
I directly would like to learn more about you to learn your interests as you live as you work.
I am very glad to have such friend, as you.
I in life very cheerful person and at me very responsible work
I work as the teacher of elementary class
I like to work with children, I like to train them to all volume that I know
I think that main features of human character it is sincerity, kindness, politeness,
and as I think, that the person it is necessary should be the respectable citizen with love to the country.
I frequently see young pairs, and I see as they are happy, I sincerely am glad for
them, but thus I remain without loved male
At me was one friend, but it is little bit sad history, I was possible shall tell to you about it little bit
Now let me write you some words about myself and let's see if we are interested in each other to go on with our
I am from Saratov, it a big, nice town. He is famous for manufacture of the big lorries where my father
But I shall speak about my parents in my following letter.
I live together with my parents whom I love greatly and we are very happy and
friendly family. I have different hobbies and interests. Let me begin with some of
them. OK?
I like to listen to ifferent music, best of all I like melodic, romantic ballads, of
course, about love, but I find very interesting also other kinds of music.
I adore literature and especially poetry. I know a lot of poems, but only few of them
by heart.
Why? Because I learn by heart only those special poems that I love.
I do not smoke and do not drink, never used drugs as well.
I take care about my appearance and my health.
I would like to meet a male, king, nice, attentive, caring, healthy and to fall in
love if we understand each other,
take care of each other and if we are ready to share all in this life, good times and
happiness and bad times as well.
I'm dreaming about my own family, my beloved husband and to have children with him in
the future.
I think that our purposes coincide, and you want it most too. I was never married and
had no children, but very to love them, I hope to have baby
Children - to decorate happiness our life and to do its happy.
I also want to learn about your private life and about your attitude to children
As for as I have this way to meet my man from another country.
I have a question for you. Are you ready to have relationship with a girl from
What do you expect from this relaions? And how do you imadine your future with a girl
from another country? Are you serious to find your wife abroad?
And what's your dream family? Please, answer my questions in details because they are
importent for our relations and possible future tigether.
I do belive that two alone people if they have a lot in common and common, goals in
life, if they understsnd and support each other and can fall in love and make each
other happy.
Let's try to get to know each other better and let's try our chance.
I'm going to close my letter but I hope to get your soon reply with answers to my
queations and your story, write me more about yourself and everything you'd like to
share with me. I'd be very glad to get your letter, I'm looking forward to get it
I hope that you understand my English
Take care. Best regards.
I wait your letter. Nadezhda.

It kinda seems like they have a formula.

Friday, March 31, 2006

The Russians are Attacking!

Ok so I signed up on and now all of a sudden I am getting emails from Russian Girls looking for Love. It is quite entertaing. They setup an account of the site with brief info. Then it looks like they search out a person and send a message and ask you to email them on there regular email rather than the site system. One I had messaged back because she had filled out that she was in the states but I knew something wasnt right, but thought it would be fun to see what she would say. Here is her letter:

Hello my dear Scott !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How are you? My complete name is Natalya, my brief name Natasha,
But it is pleasant more to me when me name Natalya.
I am pleased to receive your e-mail, I think, my letter to you too do not remain
without the answer. I was very much interested with your profile.
I want to tell to you that I have no computer at home.
I attend Internet - cafe, therefore I cannot answer at once your letters.
First of all, I should explain, that I live in Russia in city Cheboksary.
You know, I never was in your country. I think, that it is the beautiful country with
good traditions. I very much like to travel. When I was small, we travelled with
my parents on Russia much. And how about you?
I hope, that you are not so sad that I live in Russia.
But I want to be with you honest at once and that is why I tell you that I am from Russia.
My profile shows that I am in the USA, but I never made it earlier,
I do it for the first time, probably I have made something incorrectly.
I have decided to place my profile in Internet because I want to find the special person.
I am very lonely here in Russia. I have no my unique and favourite person, because
I do not like mentality of Russian men. I heard, many Russian girls, have found the
happiness and the love in your country. And I too have decided to try.
My girlfriend has found the husband in Internet. He is from Germany, they have found
each other and now they are happy together and they live in Berlin.
I also want to be happy with my special person. I want to love and I want to find the
person, which will love me. I want to be happy and to find the love.

Now there is some information on me also that I like:

- I am a christian
- I do not have children and I have never been married.
- I love red roses
- My favourite color is dark blue
- My favourite music is Classical
- I love animals (everything, without exception)
- I very much like to prepare (my favourite dish is an apple pie)
- I like to read books (Bulgakov, Nabokov)
- I like automobiles, but I have no the personal automobile.
- I love silent lonely places
- I like to go to cinema, I look different films, but especially I like comedies and melodramas.
- I do not smoke and drink socially
- I have no any tatoos or pircing
You excuse me if, my letter has turned out big. But I hope, you have not got tired to read it!
By the way, I have economic education.
I work in small firm as the economist, I watch a financial system of firm,
I like my job.

I would like to learn more about you. What do you like and what you do not like?
That there are your favourite things, your favourite color and everething.
I hope, that my letter is not boring for you.
Unfortunately it is time to me to go, already is very much late.

Your new friend from Russia Natalya.

Email 2
Ok so I got email 1 yesterday. Today I got another email from yet another Russian Girl looking for love. Enjoy this email as well:

Hello !!!!
I to become interested in your profile on
and to decide to write to you. I live in
Russia. When I to make the structure that I may not specify that I
live in Russia. To me I was very a pity but to not know why so it has
turned out. To me of 28 years. I never was married. I the soft and
gentle girl, like when in the house warmly and cosy. I believe in the
God and in the soul. I love walks on nature, I adore fresh whiff of a
wind, tender beams of the gentle sun. I am looking for a serious
relationship leading to marriage and I am not interested just in a
internet chat or adventure. I am interested only in how the man
hisself is and not what he has. If you have become interested in me

please write on this e-mail:

If you to answer me on my e-mail i shall write in more detail about
myself and I shall send you the photo.
I very much to hope for your fast answer.
With hope Nadezhda.


Maybe I will write to see if she sends me the smae picture as the other girl. I guess I am going to have to write in my description: NO FREE RIDES TO AMERICA, SORRY WONT HELP YOU GET YOUR GREEN CARD.

Anyway I thought it quite humorous that all of a sudden I am a hot commodity among the Russian Ladies. Lucky me.

Monday, March 13, 2006

I wish I skipped this weekend.

So where do I start? So most all of last week I was dealing with headaches, so I decided to see the doctor and scheduled an appointment for Monday. Ok so came Saturday, which started off with a phone call from the Stake executive Secutary. He called me in to see the stake president on Sunday. So then the rest of Saturday I tired to take it easy and stay off the computer to see if that helped my headaches. So comes Sunday. Went to church and that was all good. Went home and waited for my dreaded appointment with the stake president. My first impression was that they were going to kick me out of the ward because of my age. My roommate then suggested that it was most likely a stake calling and that someone in our ward was leaving and needed to be replaced. So anyway the only thing I was thinking was please don't let it be the elder's quorum. So around comes 4:30 my appointment time, I got to the office and there was several other people waiting. I didn't get in to see the stake president until 5:30. So I do finally see him and it was my first impression. He basically told me that I should pray about where I should be. A nice way of kicking me out of the ward. So next week I will head over to the family ward.
Ok so comes Monday. I went and saw the doctor this morning and found out I have high blood pressure. He believes this has been the cause of my headaches. So I got some medicine and get to go back on Wednesday to check my blood pressure and get my cholesterol checked. So as you can see what a crazy weekend.

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Utah Blaze

I went to my first Arena football game. It was quite interesting. Arena Football You can check out their rules and different ways of play on their site. To say the least it was fast paced.