Friday, November 17, 2006

She replies once again.

Dear Scott !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Large thanks for your new message for me, as you already to know that for me always it it is very interesting. I wanted to say to you one important thing. Concerning that that I to think concerning the relations in general. I to try find the man with whom I could to connect the future to the help Internet. At first I do not think what is it good idea, as the girlfriend to speak me what is it really. I to try to do it and to meet there you. To me to seem what is it it is very fascinating so to communicate with the man. Today I to think what for I to communicate with you and what for to me our acquaintance is necessary. All this is made to find for itself the husband. I thought above that all what is it would be wonderful if at me to turn out. Now after all these reflections at me to appear to you a question, whether on the business you so seriously to concern to me? What you to search, you to have the same desire as well as I? I to ask you it only because to me the friend and I to try is not necessary simply find the man with whom I could be is happy. You want it also whether or not? If yes, I shall think further of our relations and to do all that we could get acquainted as it is possible closer, as it really is interesting to me and I think what is it could to give the results in the future. You to understand about what I to speak you? It is interesting to me to know more concerning your life. That it is pleasant to you and what you to not like? I think that everyone, even the triviality will be interesting to me. If to you will be not so difficultly I would like that you to tell to me about your last love? Please with me be honour, as it is very important for me. I shall give also you all letters from all my heart. I shall think of you and with the large impatience to wait your new letter. Your Natalya.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My newest reply to Russia

Dear Natalya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for your letter it brings me much joy. I tell my friends about your letters and they are amazed. So how have you been? I have been ok. I got a job as a janitor for a small company. It helps my aching stomach, so now I not strave. I also found a place to live. The place I live is a two floor cardboard box mansion. It is really nice except for when it rains. There are many leaks. It is suppose to snow soon so hopefully that will plug the holes.
So what do you do for work? I bet you have a great job. Well I better get back to cleaning. I hope to hear from you soon. Bye for now.

-Wave you, Scott

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's Peanut Butter Federline!!!

So sad it is all over for Kevin and Brittney.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Wired for Science

Well last night I went in for a sleep lab. Probably one of the most annoy experiances I have ever gone through. At one time I had to wear a mask for breathing and I felt like Anakin Skywalker going to the darkside. Anyway all the wires, mask and noises made it hard to sleep. I think I slept maybe 30 minutes, atleast that is what it felt like.

So today is friday and I had to get me a Diet Dr. Pepper to hopefully help me stay awake. So anyway it will be nice to sleep in my own bed tonight.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thrown to her Boyfriend

Dear Scott !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for your letter. Today to me there came the parents, I for a long time did not see them and was very glad to see them. Because I did not see them about one month. I talked to much to parents and I have told by him about you. It was interesting to them to hear about you. You have liked them. They pass you hi and wish happiness. I am very happy that the so remarkable man began to write to me. I really hope, that we can continue to write to each other. My parents are grateful to you for that that you make me happy. They for a long time did not see a smile on my person, because after I was thrown with my boyfriend. Though two years I already have passed I can not forget his bad act. He often of saws alcohol also beat me. I was afraid of him
and long whom informed it. I any more do not want to make a mistake, now I cautiously treat the men. You seem to me a current the man to which you could entrust. You made in life any mistakes??? Tell to me how you treat to the women??? Told me as though you behaved at meeting with the girl, which you know many time, but not when did not see? Are You romantick man??? I want to know more about you, because we become seems with each day to me all closer and I do not understand why but I miss you. I need in yours dialogue. I wait for your following letter with impatience.
Kiss you. Natalya

So here is my dilemma, how do you get these girls off there formula emails? I am trying to get a response to my emails but she or he just sticks to the formula. This step is my favorite part where there last relationship was abusive. Hmm what to write next. And what movie shall I use now?